very proud of our new flavor!

Its been a while since we had a new flavor!  Many people have asked for a treat with pumpkin.  We have achieved the best tasting pumpkin dog treat which you can smell and see the difference.  Please compare then to other treats and you will see what happens when your pup gets a hold of one of these little yummies!

I know your fur babies will love this one as much as mine does!  We are using the same wonderful Gluten-free non-GMO flour, CB's Nuts organic peanut butter, raw wildflower honey, fresh eggs, organic Ceylon cinnamon (instead of Saigon cinnamon) this cinnamon has less of coumarin which can have an effect on the liver of small dogs. I take fresh Rosemary and grind it fine so the essential oils don't dry out for the full benefit of the great preservative properties.  

My passion is to create recipes to delight all furbabies out there everywhere!    Making the recipes has come easy for me.  I am not a baker, cook or a chef by any means.......but I do possess a passion for dog-gone-goodness! 

I searched high and low doing all kinds of research on each ingredient to make sure its a good fit and safe for our special favorite pets.  I have learned so much in a short time and loving every moment along the way.  At the end of the day, I CAN say that I have done my due diligence to ensure that all ingredients are coming from sources that are very transparent in sharing exactly how their products are made.


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