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A different breed of fresh dog treat


Blueberry Summer!

We have a summer limited release flavor "Blueberry Heaven", one our favorite local summer fruits!

The BOGO will be going on until June 30th.

This yummy flavor will be around until August 31st, so don't miss out!

Send your furry friend across the country, or across the lake, the best fresh baked dog treats from Washington State.

We share your values......

These treats are the real deal.

Cattledog Cookie Co. creates only 100% natural, premium treats for dogs. Unlike most “natural” dog treats that are made in a plant using artificial and chemical preservatives, ours aren't meant to last on a store shelf for 10 to 24 months—and that’s a good thing!

These treats are a bit softer, so even the tenderest of mouths can enjoy them. (And even if they do feel a bit hard for your pup, 12 seconds in the microwave should soften them right up!)

Handcrafted to a higher standard.

We work with local suppliers to source the freshest and most authentic ingredients and hold ourselves to a higher standard to ensure the highest quality. Our goal is to make your pup’s taste buds happy!

Special Heroes Section

Patton " The Wheeler Heeler"

Patton has a very important job, he is a feed lot herder.  Patton was in an accident with a tractor and lost both front legs.  Being the tenacious Cattledog that he is, now has a small cart built just so he can keep doing what he loves, working with his owner.  You can see his interview by looking up "The Wheeler Heeler".  It's truly an inspiring story of will and stamina that Cattledogs are famous for. 

Casper the Wonderful guard dog

 Casper was guarding his goats and doing his job. A pack of Coyotes came through the fence line and Casper would not let them near his livestock. Casper killed 8 of the 11 Coyotes. Casper is a Great Pyrenees, a gentle giant. Casper survived the attack, he now has battle scars that have healed and now back to doing his job.

Lost for 57 days "Katie"

 On an extended weekend visit to Kalispell,  mom and dad left Katie in their hotel room.  When they returned, they found that Katie was gone.  They moved into action friends and strangers alike helped out on the search for Katie.  Katie had somehow escaped from the hotel.  Katie's parents were so upset but never gave up hope!  They took turns staying with friends looking for Katie.  Katie's mom even had quit her job to look full time for her.  After 57 days Katie's mom got a call that led her to Katie!  What a great story.