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 Send your furry friend across the country, or across the lake,

the best fresh baked dog treats from Washington State!  code: valentines 

  starting 02/03/20 to 02/29/20 buy one get one 50% off includes a special bag clip.

We can send them wherever you'd like!

Whats important to you.....

These treats use unsweetened organic Coconut milk which is good for their coat and skin and has less allergic reaction than soy or other products. Pumpkin, cinnamon, and raw honey help with digestion. Our treats have no chicken of any kind, we use veggie broth and our meat is pork which are organic  non-GMO feed.  The meat we use have no nitrites or nitrates and contain no processed sugars including molasses.  We have no colors added of any kind or "natural flavors" (aka chemicals made in a lab) and if you have to google it because you can't pronounce it, we don't use it!  The preservatives we do use are HONESTLY natural, raw honey, rosemary and sweet almond oil. 

We as humans can decide if we want to eat all that crazy stuff but our fur babies don't have a choice, so why make it hard to decide what treats have ingredients that may or may not be harmful? We have taken the guessing game out of it for you. A lot of time has been spent researching what our furbabies can or shouldn't have.  No worries about what we hide in our treats, that would be NOTHING and we will keep it that way.

Myself being a pet parent, know how hard it is to find something that your precious pup loves, is safe and delicious to eat. That's why I have worked so hard to find that perfect pairing.... your furbabies tastebuds and something tasty that you enjoy giving them!

We suggest you refrigerate or freeze if not going to use then right away as these are perishable. You can even heat them up in the microwave for  12 to 14 seconds and the treats are warm and soft for an added touch of something different.

Railroad Days Snoqualmie
slobberfest 2019 Redmond, Wa.

Special Heroes Section

Patton " The Wheeler Heeler"

Patton has a very important job, he is a feed lot herder.  Patton was in an accident with a tractor and lost both front legs.  Being the tenacious Cattledog that he is, now has a small cart built just so he can keep doing what he loves, working with his owner.  You can see his interview by looking up "The Wheeler Heeler".  It's truly an inspiring story of will and stamina that Cattledogs are famous for. 

Ranger "The Paradise Fire Pup"

Ranger was living in a small community in Paradise, CA. when the winds kicked up a small brush fire that was caused by power lines. Ranger was home alone while his parents were at work when the fire swept through his neighborhood.  Ranger escaped and hid in a neighbors work shop which became surrounded in flames, he survived but was badly burnt.  A fire crew found him and he was reunited with his parents.   

Ryan saves Sadie

Ryan a UPS driver was on his route and heard a dog crying and looked to see what was wrong, he is such an animal lover.  Sadie had fallen through the ice on a pond out back of her house.  Ryan jumped into action swam out  and pulled Sadie out and a neighbor was able to help get Sadie warmed up and she was reunited with her family. This wonderful man jumped into a frozen pond not worried about his own safety to save a families precious pup.  He is such a hero that its gone viral.

Lost for 57 days "Katie"

 On an extended weekend visit to Kalispell,  mom and dad left Katie in their hotel room.  When they returned, they found that Katie was gone.  They moved into action friends and strangers alike helped out on the search for Katie.  Katie had somehow escaped from the hotel.  Katie's parents were so upset but never gave up hope!  They took turns staying with friends looking for Katie.  Katie's mom even had quit her job to look full time for her.  After 57 days Katie's mom got a call that led her to Katie!  What a great story.